Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Watch a short

This is one of the most endearing shorts I have ever seen. I just don't get sick of it. Hopefully when I get to class 5 at AM, I can create a film half as memorable.

A quoi ├ža sert l’amour? by Cube

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Your Friend The Rat

Your Friend The Rat blog.
It always gets me pumped to see an amazing group of people working animation, or anything really. I found this blog while looking for more of Sarah Mercy's work. I saw a killer video of her workflow in 2D animation and now I want to see more.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Character Animation Crash Course

Eric Goldberg has finished his animation book, Character Animation Crash Course!

There is already a large stack of books I am trying to read, but this book is going to go to the top of the pile once I get it.
If anyone plans to be at ComicCon, Eric will be signing copies!!
The Article was found at

First Post! AM 101

Wow. So many things are happening today! First session of AnimationMentor is today. I'm new to the video chatting world, so hopefully I won't bring down the whole website with my computer ignorance.
I have a feeling I will fit in well with AM. Don and I went to the AM Open House last Friday and enjoyed every second of it. I met the friendliest, most open and positive people, and they all had a passion for character animation!